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antiwoman's Journal

Women Who Don't Like Women
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This community is for women who, well... hate women. Not necessarily all women or with an all-encompassing passion but this is for women who aren't afraid to admit that their gender has some pretty badly ingrained flaws.

There are a few rules set for this community, hopefully not too strict, as I will enforce them:

This community is not about "putting women back where they belong". We are women, hopefully intelligent ones. So, although I will respect your right to say it, this may not be the community for you.

I ask for mutual respect. I cannot decide for you on what criteria you decide someone is respectable; however, I am a member of debate and I know that mutual respect is a huge issue.

All topics are discussable,if you do not want something discussed thouroughly or dissented against than ferchrist'ssakes, don't post the damn thing.

All people who plan on becoming members are asked to make an introductory post.

Men are allowed in this community. Of course, intelligence and reason demands that you think hard about what you're posting and who you're posting to- think hard about how comfortable we are with you and vice-versa before you post anything controversial. It's possible to not like the flaws of a gender and still respect that gender, and that's the kind of males we're looking for. So go ahead and vent.