December 8th, 2005

the king and i
  • caz0rz

Introductionary Post

Hello my name is Cara and if you're really interested in me; feel free to read my userinfo or journal at any time.

And as you may have already guessed, I am a woman.

Now the main problem I have is this whole Bridget Jones image that a lot of people have of women. Or that a lot of women have about themselves. A person like me could drive herself nuts around the "Bridget Jones woman."

This is the type of woman who thinks she is less without a man, a marriage proposal and a mortgage...oh yes and if she isn't a size zero, then she is a zero. Bridget Jones woman is never single, and if she is, she goes to her fridge and eats a tonne of Ben and Jerry's all to her single pathetic self. She wears ovary crushing "granny pants" so she can look "sexy" in her "little black number."

I just hate how women are all tarred with this Bridget Jones brush. That we'll do anything for a "shag" or cheap thrill. Or we'll get drunk, fall on our kitchen floor and cry about how we'll die alone...oh terrible. Not!

Get a life, Bridget Jones!