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Hey, I just joined. This community seems to represent all the things concerning my gender that I have been afraid to say!

Thank you, creator of antiwoman.

I'm Rachel, 21, coming up on my senior year of college. I'm an English major, with minors in American Sign Language and Creative Writing. There's a lot more to me than my major, but I don't want to go on and on about myself. You'll get to know me over time, I think :)

I'm anticipating some interesting posts coming out of here!

My college campus is full of girls who make me dislike certain aspects of my gender. Sometimes it just makes me downright angry at how uncreative everyone seems. You know the types. They talk too loud. They talk about how drunk they got the night before. Acrylic nails, sweatpants with words like "Bootylicious" across the ass, bad dye jobs, fake tans...

And it seems like they live in such small worlds. It seems like they live between the kegs and the salon. I don't want to judge, I'm sure some of them are actually nice girls. But that's just it: they're nice. They don't inspire me or challenge me like a good friend should.

I don't have many friends at school. I wish that would change.

Anyway, hello :)

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