Kino-eye (lickerish) wrote in antiwoman,

Ok, so I'm a judgemental queer

X-Posted to chauvinistos...
I am a person who believes sexuality exists on a complex continuum. But nonetheless, I am still occasionally judgemental of those who may not fit what I consider to be "ideal" in the realm of bisexualism. Take this with a grain of salt...


Who are these girls? Allow me to typecast them all unfairly:

1. The drunk girl who gets on her best friend at a frat party in front of a crowd of guys (this includes the random kinky girl recruited for lame threesome with hetero couple)

2. The quintessential women's studies major, who in an efforts to be *truly* open minded and divorce herself from heterosexist privledge claims a bisexual identity

3. The socially akward girl who finds a latent homosexual identity more excusable than a latent heterosexual one.

4. The kinkster, who has an almost narcissistic complex about the beauty of her own body that manifests in an obsession with femininity in other females, often goes hand-in-hand with #1

5. The victim who's been treated like shit by asshole males her whole life and only finds solace in the "safeness" of lesbian identity/sexual relations.

Maybe you think it's cruel. I call it a product of bad dating experience. Allow me to say that the woman-loving-women who don't fall into these categories fucking rule

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