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Revisited: Tish's Ironic Point of the Week (also called: I don't believe in LJ-cuts)

Not so much a gripe about women as a gripe about another group of people: goths. Not just goths, but trendy teenygoths. Or let me blow over with the bullshit and just right out say goths. Alright. We've got that straight.

Now, if I am properly informed, Gothic is a subculture in our modern world. Therefore, part of a larger whole, most likely not to survive without the whole to "feed" off of.

Part One: Why are Gothic People Enlightened?
1A: Where does this sense of enlightenment come from?
I'm sure I'm not the only person who has noticed that "goths"- not necessarily people you would call "goths", but people who refer to themselves as Gothic- are apt to feel and express a very overblown sense of entitlement and enlightenment. The question is, where does this enlightenment come from, and why are they entitled to it? I have asked many this question, read many websites (all decorated in bad .gifs, sadly), and the answer I usually recieve is something along the lines of "I am enlightened because I have been through a social hell, which drove me to contemplate the darker side of human nature. From that experience, I am enlightened." Two questions arise from this statement-one being "How does putting YOURSELF through a social hell by cutting yourself off from others and mentally elevating yourself above their level make you enlightened?", and the other one being "How is enlightenment proportional to how much of the dark side of human nature you comprehend?" Enlightenment does not equal darkness. Enlightenment is a neutral, non-element aligned concept. Am I wrong? I think not. This "enlightenment" is surely misplaced. Yes, they *do* know how it feels to hurt, but no more than any other person- BARRING THE FACT THAT THEY WERE STUPID ENOUGH TO INFLICT IT ON THEMSELVES. To add to the statement that darkness does not equal enlightenment, Stupidity does not equal Enlightenment. Pain does not equal enlightenment, especially when caused by one's own stupidity. See? It's just like algebra. If I knew the way to write them on the computer, this entire paper could be written as one big long formula.
1B: If Gothic People Are Enlightened, Why do They Feel The need to Show it So Poorly?
On the topic of visiting Gothic websites, there is the problem of logic- enlightenment vs. stupidity. Or, intelligence vs. Very Poor Web Design (TM). Basically, if one is enlightened, why do they waste their time shortening three letter words to one letter, typing alternately in caps and lowercase one letter after another, or spelling things like bed "bedde" and vein "vayne"? You'd think that enlightened people would have something more important to do, like get together and contemplate philosophy and society as a whole, instead of smoking pot and designing bad websites on Geoshitties. Better yet, you'd think they'd have better things to do than to go around on Yahoo looking for bad .gif images of flaming skulls or menorahs. Oh, yes, and don't forget the spinning pentagrams! They make their little niche of the Web look very... enlightened. Also, it's quite interesting (and a little dissapointing) how the "enlightened" of our time are far more concerned with not being "poseurs" than they are about sharing their truth with the world. But fear not! For they *do* share their truths, on a lower scale.

An example. Oh, and that reminds me, let's not forget the feeling of entitlement. While in my opinion, Enlightenment=Entitlement, I do not believe that Stupidity=Enlightenment=Entitlement. Just like I don't believe =Entitlement. Therefore, as I believe we have sorted through, Gothic people are not by default, enlightened by their self-inflicted painful inner conflict. Therefore, they have no leash on entitlement as a subculture whatsoever. No culture, subculture, group, or anything other than an individual has a predetermined grasp on entitlement. And even individuals don't- but they can earn it, unlike a group or culture.

That is all for this week.

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